Carbon Catering

Wood Fire Grill

Carbon Catering offers so much more than mere food. We offer experience, through our smoky fire smell to the dancing flames. We have catered weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, whatever your event, we want to make your day flawless. Contact us to see our catering menu and let’s make your next event truly perfect.

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Street Vending

Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to enjoy a meal without feeling rushed. That’s where Carbon Catering comes in. Catch us at one of our locations in Central Virginia, whether its downtown Lynchburg, your favorite local brewery, or a beautiful vineyard in the countryside be sure to stop and try some wood fire cooked food!

Potter's Craft Cider


The cider, the beautiful location, the great people you just can't beat Potter's Craft Cider. Come join us for lunch or sit on the lawn for dinner and music.  We are there most Saturdays! 12-8pm

Ankida Ridge

Sunday May 29

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend with the best wine and views in the county!


Saturday June 18

Find us in Charlottesville's most beautiful and historic location, Monticello for their Juneteenth event: "Ascendant: The Power of Descendant Communities to Shape our Stories, Places and Future". 9am-2pm we will be serving up some food fire food to compliment your experience.


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